New Zealand Student Visa


New Zealand Visas for School Students

Generally there are two kinds of primary and secondary schools in New Zealand that can offer places to international students. These are the state or integrated schools funded and accredited by the Government to enrol full-fee paying international students, and the private, fee-funded schools accredited  by the Government to enrol fee-paying international students.

The state schools give priority to domestic and NZAID scholarship students, while the private schools give equal priority to domestic and international students.

To be granted a student visa, applicants need to show an offer of a place at a school, the name and minimum time of the course, proof that both the school and the course are accredited by the Government, the fees for the course of study and whether you have to pay the fees.

You will need a guardian to accompany you if you are enrolling in years 1 to 8 or are under 13 years of age and enrolled in a private school. There are also health and character requirements and the Government needs you to show that your application is genuine.

As an international student, you will need to prove to prove to the Government that you have the money you need to support you during your stay, which would be roughly $10,000 or more per year, or that the money is being held in New Zealand on your behalf.

If someone in New Zealand is intending to cover your costs and accommodation, or sponsor you, or you have an offer of financial assistance for
a Government agency, you’ll need to give proof of this before you leave for New Zealand. You also need a valid passport and proof that you intend to leave the country when you study is finished.

There are some conditions that go with your study permit. For example, you have to actually attend the designated place of study and pass your courses. If you came with a guardian you have to stay with them. You have to obey New Zealand’s laws, only work if your permit allows you to, and leave the
country when your course is finished.

You can only stay in New Zealand for the length of your course, as long as the fees are paid. If you beach any of these conditions your permit may be revoked and you will have to leave the country.

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