New Zealand Student Visa

New Zealand Student Visa

New Zealand Student Visa for High School Students.

The New Zealand government offers student visa's for both Primary and Secondary school students, in order to apply for one of these visa's you must have gained acceptance into a New Zealand High School and have the evidence to back it up. This documentation must be included in your visa application.

A requirement for study in New Zealand is that you are accompanied by a parent or guardian in New Zealand. You must also meet the health requirements for any new person entering the country. You must not have ever committed a serious crime or offence, and your parent or guardian must provide evidence of being able to support themselves financially whilst in New Zealand. You must also have a valid passport.

There will be various visa fee's applicable, the cost of these fee's will be dependant on your country of origin, length of intended stay and visa type that you are applying for.

The assessment process will consist of the Immigration of New Zealand office checking to see that all details provided are true and correct, they will conduct a background check, check any references and verify what your intent for coming to New Zealand is. As each applicant varies, the immigration department will let you know within 14 days how long the assessment process may take.

The Immigration Department will contact you with the results of your visa application once completed. Please contact us to get started!